Thursday, 9 August 2007

Bamboo tote and baseball!

What do you get when an 11 year old brings home a baseball glove??
One over curious 2 year old! Ethan was so funny, he tried every way possible to get the glove on (it was huge on his tiny hand!) and then when he finally had it on the ball was way to heavy for him to catch. LOL He persisted though and eventually had a few throws and catches but gave up - too much like hard work just now when the glove is almost as big as your head!

After a walk in the park it was back to finish off one of the bamboo handle bags i started yesterday. I only have 4 sets of handles and each of them are in different fabrics - i will try to upload them to the site over the weekend as i finish each one. Theres the checkered one below, a blue one in the same fabric as the custom order 3 posts below, a pink one like the box tote in the shop and one other (just not sure what fabric to use yet!) lol

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Kate said...

Just been for a look at your shop, your bags are fabby, and your boys are cute!