Thursday, 27 September 2007

New fabrics.....

I finally finished sorting my studio (im calling it a studio as ive now moved all my sewing things in there too!) and i can finally get to work on some outstanding projects! Marja has commisioned a tote style bag to take out when she takes Naomi in the buggy - i have the fabric and the ideas so Im making a start on that tonight, with co-ordinating purse and a little suprise too.....will post piccies once marja has got her hands on it :)

We are having a huge clear out ready for a carboot sale - even if we dont move house for a while yet we needed this clear out ready for christmas otherwise the kids wont be able to move again! LOL

Im so in love with this programme - infact i think its overtaken Grays Anatomy in my 'best programme ever' category. The story lines are great and of course having eye candy like Rob Lowe cant be bad can it??

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Its my Birthday!! :)

Its my day today and what i thought was going to be a pretty run of the mill and nothing special birthday turned into the BEST birthday ever!! I have been so spoiled by girls i have the pleasure of calling my friends, these girls are just the most fabulous people i have ever met (and i havent even met some of them!!) lol Look what they bought me....a gorgeous HUGE bouquet of flowers complete with vase! absolutely gorgeous bangle from A String Of Beads! I admired andreas when she had hers on and it looks so pretty!! Also from A String of Beads is a beautiful necklace, all dark and lush swirls from the fabby Heather! Some handmade christmas stamps from my phone buddy Lemon! lol A gorgeous handmade Home is where the heart is canvas and a pack of fabrics from the very artistic Clare and some beautiful embellies from Lousette!! I feel so spoilt!!!Look at all these cards- ive never had this many cards since i was in infant school (you know when you use to get one from EVERYONE in class! lol) I have noticed the neighbours looking too probably wondering what special occasion it is! :)

DH took me out for lunch and let me stop off at the Scrapbook shop where Gill was serving!! I havent seen Gill in years so that was a fab addition to a fab day!

Monday, 24 September 2007

busy busy bee!!

I love working on these mdf layouts - here is the third in a set of 4 that are now on my kitchen wall - its great to be able to display some work without having to sort out frames, nails in the wall etc. All i have done is attach some double sided sticky velcro to the back of the mdf and stick it to the wall - the mdf is light enough to be held up by it and it means they are flat on the wall too instead of at an angle due to a nail etc :) I finally got the jacket finished for sewmamasew and I LOVE IT!!! So does Ethan as he wont take it off, its really given me the clothes making bug and im definately going to make more! I thought i would struggle giving it was my first venture with fabric outside of bags but the pattern was so easy to follow and everything just seemed to flow :)

Went to see Gwen last night and what can i say apart from FANFLIPPINGTASTIC! Loved the fact she actually came out and into the audience running down the aisles and singing in the stands - its obvious she loves her fans and judging by the response she got last night everyone loves her too :) Im slightly worse for wear this morning having come down with flu over the last couple of days! The boys and dh arent well either so its 5 cases of man-flu on top of me feeling like pants so if you have any hugs, medicine, patience etc going spare throw some this way!! LOL

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Im going out!!

Yep, im off out tonight for the first time in ages!! My little sis bought tickets to go and see Gwen Stefani for my birthday and tonight is the night (birthday isnt until tuesday), Soooooo excited as its bound to be a real all dancing all singing show! :)

I have so much to do today including photographing items for my next DC class, finishing my write up for Sewmamasew, finish my project for Papercraft junkies DT, parcel up some RAK pressies and alround finish off projects that are now taunting me!! Will be back to post some piccies later :)

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Christmas is a comin' .....

sorry couldnt resist!! I picked up a couple more christmas pressies today (bargains at Tesco - 75% off toys, what could be better!) , the boys love playing rough with their cars etc and they get thrown around the garden etc so im all for some cheap throw away toys!!

I dont know if its the weather getting cooler or that feeling of the nights getting darker but something in the air is feeling Christmassy - and you know what - IM LOVING IT!! I cant wait to get the decorations out, cant wait to start making table centrepieces, cant wait to start wrapping presents and everything else that comes with it.

Maybe im feeling this way because its been an absolutely awful year here - i mean BAD.....some days i really feel like standing there and shouting ' if theres anything else hit me with it now i really cant get any lower'!! There was the problems with the neighbourhood, bullying, dads cancer, business problems and now the fact we have to move again....seriously if this is karma i must have been such an awful person in the past! I try to live by the 'dont do anything to others you wouldnt want done unto you' but boy i think ive had my fair share of crap now, someone stop the ride i want to get off!!

OK, that was a little heavy but im guessing i just needed to get it out there and if youve made it this far then thank you :) On a lighter note then here is a piccie of my gorgeous teeny one (before a much needed haircut!)...

...his favourite phrase at the minute is 'what you doing?' He makes me smile :)

Sunday, 9 September 2007

I now have a reason to use pink!!

Meet Cassie :) She is our new teeny 9 week old kitten - now i will be the first to admit ive never been an animal person but me, dh and ethan went for a walk the other day with the other boys at school and we stopped in at the pet shop to show ethan the bunnies etc. Sitting in the corner of a cage was a little teeny ball of black fluff - she poked her head up, flopped her head down and just looked so sad - my heart melted there and then. *wub*The lady at the pet shop said someone was coming to pick her up that day but if she didnt turn up she would give us a call and let us know - fully expecting no phone call we tootled off home and sat wondering what kind of home she had gone to. Next morning the phone rang and she said 'what time will you be here to pick up your kitten!!' The boys were all at school when we picked her up and had no idea about her at all as we didnt mention it - they are so ecstatic and dote on her and she is the bestest thing to happen to us in a long time! She is only 9 weeks and is the same size as the tv remote teeny that you have to watch where youre walking as you may stand on her!!!

Its was self portrait saturday over at HS:MS yesterday - this is one of the pics i did when trying to get a shot for my avatar on here but sadly i just cant do the 'elsie' look - i just look like im constipated or something! mwahahaa

today at HS:MS its Show off Sunday - show a favourite pic - heres mine, how cool is this t-shirt!! LOL

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The boys are back..... school - partyyyyyyy!!! LOL I dont mean it honestly but after 6 weeks of constant MMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM you kinda look forward to packing them out of the door on a school morning! ;) Ben started BIG school and Jake went back to school from being taught at home instead of nursery for the last few months of last term!

Im just sorting through more holiday photos and have already received 200+ that i need to scrap! I had a visit to B&Q for more MDF and cant wait to make a start on more actual wall layouts - i have 3 so far and they look SO cool! Heres a couple more holiday shots and i will take some pics of the layouts on the wall and post them too -
Todays post at HS:MS is - To grasp, carry or support with your hands. Find 'hold' in your space. Ethan bought this monkey at Banham Zoo and hasnt put it down since!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

HS:MS - are you playing?

I discovered herspace - myspace a while ago and loved looking at the prompts, seeing what everyone came up with and then decided to jump in taking part each day. I LOVE IT!! Not only does it mean i get to update my blog each day but i get to take pictures too -always a good thing especially when im in a slump and have moany kids who 'dont want my picture done again' LOL

Todays prompt is a good one :- Absorbed in or involving thought. Show us 'thoughtful' in your space today.

I think the thought Jake was having here was - 'hurry up and take the picture - this llama doesnt look too friendly!! lol ;)

Monday, 3 September 2007

M.I.A!! Im home!

Omg it feels like forever since i updated this blog - just looking back and WAS FOREVER!!!
We have been on our holidays, no where flash but we had a week in Suffolk and the weather was fab so we all had a great time! The kids were happy as there was a beach everywhere we went, there was plenty to do and they had a great time at the arcades and amusement promenade in Great Yarmouth! *insert rolled eyes here because if i ever see another one of those machines you put 2p's into which try to push more 2p's off for you to ply back into the machine then i think i will scream!* mwhahahahahaaaa
Todays prompt at HS:MS is fall and it fits in perfect with one of the photos taken while we were away - no i wasnt cruel enough to photo one of the kids going head over heals but dh did capture me saving ethan just as he was falling head first into the sea! LOL Thankfully we were only ankle deep at the time! LOL
Anyways, lots more stuff in the process of being sewn, lots more scrapbook pages in play and over 200 photos delivered this morning so im going to be one little busy bee!!