Sunday, 28 October 2007

DCM and Dream Street Papers...

Im loving all these challenges around and to tell you the truth its this thats made me really love this hobby!! Not just going through the motions of scrapping for an album but pushing myself to do things i wouldnt normally do and i think ive finally found a style im happy with, ive tried simple layouts and it just wasnt me.....ive tried loads of patterened papers and it just looked messy! Now im working on the cluster of embellies look and it is sitting well with me - im finally happy with how im scrapping and thats all that matters isnt it? :)

Here is a card for the daring card makers ribbon challenge this week, first time ive taken part but not the last, i should have done this ages ago!!

Friday, 26 October 2007

creation station!!

I think my creative train is on full steam ahead!! I am loving 'doing things' again....dont get me wrong there hasnt been a point when i have disliked it but im now at the 'ok what can i make next' bit!! I made a few bits for halloween including a tin for my niece, filled with candy and bearing a DIVA logo im sure it will go down a treat :)
I love the look on Jakes face in this picture, so wide eyed and innocent (believe me he isnt - behind that smile and those sparkly eyes are pure devil child, the cheeky laugh that goes with the mischief is all part of his charm!!) lol

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

My mum rocks!! lol

Well i could hardly pass up the opportunity to get Jake this T-shirt - even if he doesnt quite think so when he is older and i have the photos to make him squirm!! lol I love paper piecing (should i have whispered that??) - i dont mean the teddy bears and random scrapping circa 1990, i mean punch shapes and making scenes like the one below. This is a snowscene capped of with snow via the ink daubers (how cool are they and why have i just discovered them!!) made for the Design Collective christmas extras :)
Collectively Yours dare this week was elemental - you know, water, air, fire and earth. Well since during the summer we spend an awful lot of time at the beach (yeah they are all water babes!) it seemed the only way to go with a beach shot. Jake is terrible for not wanting to get wet and had us in fits of laughter with his genius way of skipping that 'wet trouser bottoms' syndrome!! lol

Sunday, 21 October 2007

What time is it??

SCRAPTIME!! Now whenever i look at the clock it tells me to go scrap, make art - whatever, its scraptime! lol This was a project for the papercraftjunkies design team challenge. Tracy set the challenge this week about time and this clock was just shouting out to be altered - it already has pride of place on the wall in my studio!

The Bad Girl Kits forum set the october challenge to use journaling on your layout, these are more pics of the boys at the beach and some notes on the usual routine. You know the kind, skimming stones, jumping waves, being told not to get wet and falling face first into the water - that kind of thing!! lolOh and im absolutely covered in magnolia paint splashes why cant someone invent a non-splatter roller!!?? Im completely whitewashing the house in the hope it will sell quicker, what is it all those 'sell your house' programmes say......'make it neutral and cream' well yes the life is being sucked out of our house in the hope someone can fall in love with it the way we did.....funny how life makes sudden twists isnt it!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Dirty Dancing..

The living tv show started tonight (infact its on right now!) and im loving it - its set at Kellermans and looks just like it did way back when!! Im doing some serious arm twisting with dh as its got to be our next holiday - i swear it would be a complete dream come true! I dont know anyone who doesnt love Dirty Dancing! lol

Heres another layout of me (yawn i know but im loving the girly papers lately and im the only one i can use them on!!) Im working on some christmas projects so will share those soon too :) Ive entered a few DT calls and a couple of manufacturer contests and still have lots to do so please cross your fingers for me :) :)

Friday, 12 October 2007

for the love of basic grey...

Im in their gallery with my About a girl layout - I made this at the retreat at the weekend, airing my new Fancy Pants stamps......boy are those babies HUGE!!! Its made using the Infuse papers with prima flowers, circle stamp (think its an autumn leaves one) and the fancy pants stamps.
Isnt this just the cutest thing ever!! A mini atc carousel - i dont do atc's too often and dont enter swaps so dont really need one i just think its mega cute and would look fab on my desk! lol
Here is a sneaky peek of a project for the Design Collective 12 week run up to christmas - im loving all the different ideas the girls are coming up with, 13 girls designing and each with a different take on each weeks challenge!! This is on top of the normal classes too! :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Scotland and stamp obsession....

We had an amazing time at the Scotland retreat!! It was Heathers birthday last tuesday so i suprised her with a party theme (heather organised the whole retreat so it was the least i could do to bring some decorations and a pinata without her knowing!!) lol Thankfully she loved it! The pinata was a huge shoe and didnt half take a beating to break - i swear at one point we almost trashed the tree with all the blind swinging of that stick! All of the sweets inside were batterred to a pulp and eventually it was Mel who knocked it for six!! lol
erm.....nuff said - the 3 amigos!
Heather was a fabulous hostess and is a Rainbow leader - on Saturday night we got to meet some of the girls as they had made us all a 3 course meal and served it to our table!! These girls are so pretty and polite and bearing in mind what some 14/15 year old girls get up to these little grown ups were a complete and utter role models for the younger brownies out there - they gave up their saturday night to come and make a meal for a bunch of 15 nutty scrapbookers! They deserve any badge going in my opinion!! lol
OK, so have you fallen for the Magnolia stamps yet??? I know i have.........

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Back at the sewing machine...

Overnight i finished off the bag, purse and keyring for Marja and they are winging their way to their new home tomorrow :) Im really pleased with how they turned out - i am still working on the whole zipper thing so for now this is a tie purse instead! What is it with zippers i just cant grasp - anyone out there that hold the secret then please put me out of my misery! LOL

I have some projects to finish off for the Design Collective and PapercraftJunkies so best get busy (plus im making a secret birthday pressie - sssshh, cant tell you anymore but will share pics soon!) ;)