Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Pickin n stitchin!

While the sun was shining and we had something yesterday that kind of resembled a summers day we headed off to pick some raspberries! Once we arrived at the fields we found that they not only had raspberries but redcurrants, blackcurrants and a few rows of strawberries! (sweetcorn ready in 2/3 weeks too - thats down on the calender for a revisit!)

We each grabbed a basket and headed out to the fields, we could have spent hours there but there was so much fruit it only took half an hour to fill all the baskets! The boys loved running between the rows of raspberries and squealing every time they saw a fresh batch of fruit.

Usually we get home, wash the fruit and have it with ice cream but the kids wanted something different this time so we made some raspberry coulis and a big tub of redcurrant sauce. They were both so easy to do and the coulis has been frozen for use over the summer. YUM!

The coulis was litteraly just squishing the raspberries through the sieve, adding sugar then freezing. The redcurrant sauce had to be cooked which the kids watched, then helped put through the sieve and added the sugar....it tastes fab and so fresh!

I have a couple of new bags to upload this afternoon and if you havent entered the competition on the previous post do so NOW!! You could win one of the coffee totes!! :)


mandijane said...

making me hungry now......

Glittery Katie said...

Ooohh I lurve Raspberries :D