Monday, 24 September 2007

busy busy bee!!

I love working on these mdf layouts - here is the third in a set of 4 that are now on my kitchen wall - its great to be able to display some work without having to sort out frames, nails in the wall etc. All i have done is attach some double sided sticky velcro to the back of the mdf and stick it to the wall - the mdf is light enough to be held up by it and it means they are flat on the wall too instead of at an angle due to a nail etc :) I finally got the jacket finished for sewmamasew and I LOVE IT!!! So does Ethan as he wont take it off, its really given me the clothes making bug and im definately going to make more! I thought i would struggle giving it was my first venture with fabric outside of bags but the pattern was so easy to follow and everything just seemed to flow :)

Went to see Gwen last night and what can i say apart from FANFLIPPINGTASTIC! Loved the fact she actually came out and into the audience running down the aisles and singing in the stands - its obvious she loves her fans and judging by the response she got last night everyone loves her too :) Im slightly worse for wear this morning having come down with flu over the last couple of days! The boys and dh arent well either so its 5 cases of man-flu on top of me feeling like pants so if you have any hugs, medicine, patience etc going spare throw some this way!! LOL


Katherine said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you're feeling better real soon.

sugarshop (Dena) said...

Love the jacket!!! Great color choice. How fun. I love Gwen Stefani I bet she puts on a great show!

Shh-Shh said...

Soooo jealous you went to see Gwen..I think she is just fab!