Thursday, 27 September 2007

New fabrics.....

I finally finished sorting my studio (im calling it a studio as ive now moved all my sewing things in there too!) and i can finally get to work on some outstanding projects! Marja has commisioned a tote style bag to take out when she takes Naomi in the buggy - i have the fabric and the ideas so Im making a start on that tonight, with co-ordinating purse and a little suprise too.....will post piccies once marja has got her hands on it :)

We are having a huge clear out ready for a carboot sale - even if we dont move house for a while yet we needed this clear out ready for christmas otherwise the kids wont be able to move again! LOL

Im so in love with this programme - infact i think its overtaken Grays Anatomy in my 'best programme ever' category. The story lines are great and of course having eye candy like Rob Lowe cant be bad can it??


SugarShop (Dena) said...

Can't wait to see the project! I loved this show too. It was good to start with and then when they added Rob lowe, I was hooked. :)

suebaru said...

Love that show! Though I'm always knackered on Thursday mornings when they show a double bill!