Sunday, 25 November 2007

All wrapped up!

YEP you read that right! Not only have i finished my Christmas shopping but they are all wrapped up and Santa took them away to the North Pole ready to redeliver on Christmas Eve! (ok, so they are all bagged and stashed away in the garage but the kids dont need to know that do they? LOL) At the grand old age of 9, Scott still believes in Santa but took a knock the other day when someone said he wasnt real - mum to the rescue! I made a letter from Santa himself, inked and aged it then sealed it with some wax and a 'Santa was here' stamp - needless to say, to Scott Santa now is very much alive and kicking, oh and WAY COOL!! LOL
I had a little bump in the stash diet road but on the whole im doing well, only a little spend and now i have 17 of the 50 layouts under my belt! Here are a couple of things i have been working on lately :)
Jacob Lizard Tongue - I swear ive never seen a pointier tongue in my life! lol

He who stands in front of the TV when Johnny and the Sprites is on will get this face pulled at them until they move! lol Ethan feeding the ducks by hand - yep he was the only one doing it that way, everyone else was throwing the crumbs!

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