Saturday, 3 November 2007

On a stash diet!!

I have admitted i have a problem, no its not serious but it could end up in me having to climb out from under a mountain of stash should it all topple over! My name is Debbie and im a stash-o-holic therefore im now on a stash diet until i have completed at least 50 layouts! How brave am I?!?!

Here are the first 3 ..... Naughty or Nice? layout based around whether Jake will hit the naughty or nice list this year, the chipboard halo is painted gold and made into a little step but its just not working out on the photo :(

Number 2 is Scott @ age 9 - just a few of his favourite things at this age :)

Number 3 is Jake @ age 4 - he is both full of mischief and full of fun (generally both at the same time, hes our little tasmanian devil!!) lol

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sugarshop (Dena Berg) said...

I so get what you mean with the stash. It's not our fault though...If they would just quit coming out with new cute stuff, we wouldn't have to buy it. LOL! Such happy pix, cute boys!!