Friday, 22 February 2008

New look banner!!

Isnt my banner just gorgeous!! Unfortunately i cant take ANY credit for it as a lovely friend (who wishes to remain anon - i think shes scared she will get inundated with requests!! lol) made it for me. In no stretch of the imagination could i have done anything like it - give me a bench full of cooking ingredients or a table full of fabrics and i can do anything but put something technical infront of me and i turn to mush!! The banner is made using a Nitwit digi kit so thank you to them too for making such scrummy goodies!! :)

Well, i havent done much scrapping as the weather has been good enough to be out flying and taking aerial shots so thats what we have been doing. These pictures were taken in the grounds of where mum and dad have their retirement home. Its a run down old castle with would be fabulous if it had the money ploughed into it to take it back to its former glory! *sigh*The two older boys are still at their grandparents so we have had a relatively quiet week and ive thoroughly enjoyed playing 'little kid' games - you know, colouring in, racing around the living rooms with cars and general messing infant style :)

I did do one layout and ive been asked to create a canvas for my sisters newly decorated dining room so im off tomorrow to check out the decoration and work something that will go well - wish me luck! lol
Please excuse the glare on the photo, i think my camera is on its last legs as i just cant seem to get the settings right and no matter how much i fiddle with the flash etc its just not playing nice!!

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