Sunday, 9 September 2007

I now have a reason to use pink!!

Meet Cassie :) She is our new teeny 9 week old kitten - now i will be the first to admit ive never been an animal person but me, dh and ethan went for a walk the other day with the other boys at school and we stopped in at the pet shop to show ethan the bunnies etc. Sitting in the corner of a cage was a little teeny ball of black fluff - she poked her head up, flopped her head down and just looked so sad - my heart melted there and then. *wub*The lady at the pet shop said someone was coming to pick her up that day but if she didnt turn up she would give us a call and let us know - fully expecting no phone call we tootled off home and sat wondering what kind of home she had gone to. Next morning the phone rang and she said 'what time will you be here to pick up your kitten!!' The boys were all at school when we picked her up and had no idea about her at all as we didnt mention it - they are so ecstatic and dote on her and she is the bestest thing to happen to us in a long time! She is only 9 weeks and is the same size as the tv remote teeny that you have to watch where youre walking as you may stand on her!!!

Its was self portrait saturday over at HS:MS yesterday - this is one of the pics i did when trying to get a shot for my avatar on here but sadly i just cant do the 'elsie' look - i just look like im constipated or something! mwahahaa

today at HS:MS its Show off Sunday - show a favourite pic - heres mine, how cool is this t-shirt!! LOL


Bobs said...

Awwww, Cassie is gorgeous!!! I am very much a cat person - I adore them. Who could resist that little ball of fluff?!!

Love your SP from yesterday. You look very glam - unlike me who just looked daft! lol

Diana said...

Your SP is GORGEOUS those eyes are !!!!
and that so cute little boy! well done Love Di

Hazel said...

What a cutie kittie! and cute youngster as well, not to mention the SP!

Eleanor said...

Love your SP - Elsie? Who's Elsie? ;)
And as for the kitten - well she is just too sweet for words. A house without a cat is not a home, IMO; she will bring you all a lot of happiness I'm sure.

Terrie Farrell said...

LOL, love his tee shirt very cool! I always seem to look petrified in photos too!

Sue Nicholson said...

So cute. Just adorable. What a lovely surprise for your children :)

Your sp is stunning.You have such beautiful skin, eyes, hair ....etc
A really lovely shot :)

A smashing photo of your son too. Love the t-shirt slogan :D

Tracey said...

What a cute 'ickle pussy cat!

Carole said...

Love the kitty! Had to comment on one of your photos from yesterday though, loved the photo of your boy starting big school but loved it even more because he has Belmont School on his jumper! I used to go to that school! I've read your blog a few times and picked up you are from the north east but hadn't realised you were from my old stomping ground! Have a great day!

Linda said...

aww totally love that little cassie. Cant' wait to see you do some PINK. I love pink.

The pics are cute too. Love that mum shirt. My daughters boyfriend bought a t-shirt he wears whenever I go somewhere with the two of them that says "I love Hot Moms" LOL. Love t-shirts like that.'

Have a great day

MarilynH said...

I love cats--I have always been a cat person :) so are my kids, too! YOu look beautiful in your pic--love your shop, too, and your logo is incredible!!

GlitteryKatie said...

Love your piccies of YOU- PLEASE don't be Elsie!!! I like you just the way you are- you don't look constipated- just like you're going to do summat NORTY!!!!
kt x

domestic goddess said...

wow what a stunning photo hun!!!