Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Christmas is a comin' .....

sorry couldnt resist!! I picked up a couple more christmas pressies today (bargains at Tesco - 75% off toys, what could be better!) , the boys love playing rough with their cars etc and they get thrown around the garden etc so im all for some cheap throw away toys!!

I dont know if its the weather getting cooler or that feeling of the nights getting darker but something in the air is feeling Christmassy - and you know what - IM LOVING IT!! I cant wait to get the decorations out, cant wait to start making table centrepieces, cant wait to start wrapping presents and everything else that comes with it.

Maybe im feeling this way because its been an absolutely awful year here - i mean BAD.....some days i really feel like standing there and shouting ' if theres anything else hit me with it now i really cant get any lower'!! There was the problems with the neighbourhood, bullying, dads cancer, business problems and now the fact we have to move again....seriously if this is karma i must have been such an awful person in the past! I try to live by the 'dont do anything to others you wouldnt want done unto you' but boy i think ive had my fair share of crap now, someone stop the ride i want to get off!!

OK, that was a little heavy but im guessing i just needed to get it out there and if youve made it this far then thank you :) On a lighter note then here is a piccie of my gorgeous teeny one (before a much needed haircut!)...

...his favourite phrase at the minute is 'what you doing?' He makes me smile :)


lyzzydee said...

Thats a gorgeous photo!! just look at all those little teeth!!

Fe-Fe said...

Sorry to hear you're going through such a bad time. You can always relay on the little ones to put a smile on your though can't you. Such a gorgeous little boy, just looking at that cheeky face could cheer up the darkest day!

Hope things get better for you soon.

Sending you hugs.