Tuesday, 23 October 2007

My mum rocks!! lol

Well i could hardly pass up the opportunity to get Jake this T-shirt - even if he doesnt quite think so when he is older and i have the photos to make him squirm!! lol I love paper piecing (should i have whispered that??) - i dont mean the teddy bears and random scrapping circa 1990, i mean punch shapes and making scenes like the one below. This is a snowscene capped of with snow via the ink daubers (how cool are they and why have i just discovered them!!) made for the Design Collective christmas extras :)
Collectively Yours dare this week was elemental - you know, water, air, fire and earth. Well since during the summer we spend an awful lot of time at the beach (yeah they are all water babes!) it seemed the only way to go with a beach shot. Jake is terrible for not wanting to get wet and had us in fits of laughter with his genius way of skipping that 'wet trouser bottoms' syndrome!! lol

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Lisa said...

Great pages. I haven't done any paper peicing in a while, but I may have to pull that out again. I like what you did with the technique here.