Friday, 14 December 2007

Christmas rush!

Why is it no matter how much i think i have prepared for christmas sometime else seems to get added to the list! I swear everytime i tick something off, another is added lol

Here we go with the family christmas card this year - another tick off the list!


SugarShop (Dena Rooney-Berg) said...

Aww I love the card. I thought you fell off the planet. Lol. I checked your blog a few time and it wasn't available. Glad your back. Hope your kiddos are feeling better specially in time for xmas!

lyzzydee said...

Happy New Year, Have a partridge in a peartree and all the socks that you could possibly want land on your right foot.
Happy times and happy wines and happy thines and spines as well

barb michelen said...

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SugarShop (Dena Rooney-Berg) said...

Hellooooo it's 2008 where are you? Lol. Couldn't help myself. :)
xoxox ~Dena