Thursday, 31 January 2008

Catching up...

You know some times when you just need a break - well, ive been and done and had it, so im back! :)

Seems funny writing about Christmas now when it was so long ago so i will keep it short and simple - see pic below for how much the boys enjoyed it!! lol Needless to say storage space has become an issue! lol
Ethan was rather taken with Captain Jacks outfit!
Me and my little sis, she hates having her picture taken but i think shes finally realised its easier to give in than have me follow her round all day!

Im cracking out the sewing machine tonight for the first time in well over a month and im worried im not going to be able to sew anymore - does that seem wierd?!? I have so many ideas and drawings etc but actually making them into something seems is scaring me a litle at the minute! Best go make a start and i promise to post sneeky peeks tomorrow....yes i will be trying to update everyday from here on in, my online diary of sorts even if its just a hi/bye type post :)


Anonymous said...

Great to see you back Debs xx
Jane (Brods)

Heather said...

ooo I near fainted then when I saw an update mwhwahahaha! Nice to *see* you back ;)