Sunday, 3 February 2008

Girlie Weekend....

Sorry i couldnt update before now but ive been staying at my sisters since friday after a phonecall offering a kid free weekend!! Who in their right mind would decline! lol

Friday night saw us visit the cinema to see Sweeny Todd and although it starred the gorgeous Johnny Depp i wasnt that impressed and we almost walked out half way through! Fab acting by the cast but just not something i would go to see again, i love musicals but it was just kinda annoying (and yucky!)

Saturday i spent the day in the university while sis went to a tutorial for her OU course and then we went to try on party frocks and Oscar acceptance dresses........found the one i want and now all i need is to be in a movie....any Spielberg offers welcome!! mwahahhhaa

Home today and back to reality though of running round after 4 kiddos (ok 5 if you include dh) ;) So its catch up time on whats happening on the PS3 and an all out shoot em up on Call of Duty - catch you later for some pics of what ive been creating!

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